Julianne Buescher (b. February 4, 1965) performed her first Henson character on the TV series Dinosaurs. Since then, she's become a Los Angeles based Henson regular, performing hundreds of characters in such shows as Sesame Street, Muppets Tonight, Muppet Classic Theater, Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree, The Muppets' Wizard of Oz, and in Creature Shop projects including The Country Bears, George of the Jungle, and Frances (as Gloria and Albert). Non Henson projects include the puppet episode of Community (as Shirley), the "Smile Time" episode of Angel (as Flora) and the film "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" featuring Buescher as the Angel in the Dracula Musical.

Buescher can be seen as an original member of Stuffed and Unstrung (aka Puppet Up! Jim Henson's Puppet Improv), in which she performs Piddles the Pug, the Translation Weasel, and many others. She designed and built many of the new puppets created for Puppet Up! including Piddles, Trixie (Pretty Girl), Duck Boy, Claude Bigfoot, Al the Alien, Herman Monster, Yodita, Grandma/the Queen, Leopard Girl, Nerd Girl, Nerd Boy, PTA Mom, Germ 2, and Germ 3. Buescher also redressed the recycled puppets Girleen, Odie, Sylvia, Spiff Mouse, Gopher Tortoise, and the Orangutan (Professor Ape).

She is also one of the few performers utilizing the Henson Digital Performance System, bringing real-time digital puppets to life. "Dawn the Fairy" travels the globe, introducing this new form of puppetry (now used on Skrumps). The newest HDPS digital puppet on the air is "Coo", a blue cuckoo bird who hosts the Sprout Channel's Morning Block (puppeteered and voiced by Buescher). Henson's latest HDPS project is the PBS series Sid the Science Kid (2009 Emmy Nominee). Buescher puppeteers/voices the characters "May" and "Grandma" (and "Nunu" in Sid the Science Kid: the Movie).

Buescher is also an award-winning actor, singer, voice-over artist, indie-filmmaker, illustrator, and writer. She most recently appeared in The Middle, Criminal Minds, and Desperate Housewives, and in ads for Blue Shield of California and Preen Weed-Killer.  Her acting awards include a Drama Logue Award and Ovation Nomination for creating the role of "Inez" in the musical Tight Quarters. Her self-produced short film Resculpting Venus: A Comedy about Breast Cancer is a Best Narrative winner. And the float she designed for the New Years Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade ("Bathtime Friends"/City of Burbank) won the Founders Trophy.

Buescher's voice-over work most recently includes many lead characters in the Elder Scrolls/Skyrim and Reckoning games, and as "The Adjutant" in Starcraft 2 (for which she made the IMDb's list of "Sexiest Female Voices in VO"). Other credits include the voice of Mandy the Monorail at Disneyland, a singing vampire and reporter in the latest Scooby Doo movie, a young singing bride in Disney's Mulan, and a character singer on the Dinosuars album Big Songs. She also voice-matches many stars, looping Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Kate Beckinsale in Click, Joan Cusack in Chicken Little, Halle Berry in Catwoman, Jennifer Lopez in Shall We Dance, Naomie Harris in the Pirates of the Carribean games, and many others.

She was asked to join the Broadway cast of Avenue Q but turned it down, choosing to travel with "Puppet Up!" to Edinburgh, Melbourne, Sydney, New Zealand's South Island, Tokyo, Aspen, Vegas, and back to New York (as Stuffed & Unstrung at the Union Square Theater)! Buescher also appeared as Piddles the Pug with Cee Lo Green on the 2011 Grammy Awards

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