Elmo tries to wait up on Christmas to see Santa Claus descend down the chimney. He falls asleep, but is awakened when Santa is stuck. Elmo nobly pulls Santa out, where they discern the cause of the extra weight--a stowaway reindeer named Lightning. In gratitude, Santa offers Elmo a gift: a pink bear, or a magical snowglobe that will grant three wishes. Elmo chooses the latter, and uses his first wish to obtain a glass of water. On Christmas Day, Elmo wishes that it could be Christmas every day. Santa tries to talk him out of this, but Elmo refuses. Santa gives Lightning to Elmo and instructs them to visit the future and see how Christmas every day is not a great idea. Elmo sees Big Bird mope over the fact Snuffleupagus is in Cincinnati, spending Christmas with his grandmother for a whole year, Maria and Luis get crabby over being closed all year, and general unhappiness. The elves, too, are annoyed at their continued work shift, and slack off on the job, producing a cow-bunny conglomerate called the "Moo-Bunny". A year from the fateful Christmas, Elmo decides to use his third wish to undo his second. However, the snowglobe crashes before he can make the wish. Lightning, however, flies Elmo back in time to the chimney, where Elmo decides to pass on the snowglobe, and winds up with the Moo-Bunny.


Writers: Christine Ferraro and Tony Geiss.

Producer: Karin Young Shiel

Director: Emily Squires

Guest Stars: Maya Angelou, Charles Durning and Harvey Fierstein


Muppets (speaking)  Elmo  LightningTelly Baby Bear,  Zoe Big Bird SnuffyGrover  Mr. Johnson, Oscar the Grouch Cookie Monster Count von Count ,Kermit the Frog Rosita Humphrey Natasha Benny Rabbit

'Background Muppets (non-speaking): 'Bert Ernie Grundgetta Herry Monster Ingrid Penguins Prairie Dawn Honker and Anything Muppets'

Humans (speaking):  BobMariaLuisGinaGabiGordonMr. HandfordCarlo, and 14 Karat Soul.

Muppet Performers'*

Kevin Clash as Elmo, Benny Rabbit & Natasha